Secure Solutions: From Alarm Systems to Home Control and Dedicated Home Theaters.

We can design and install anything you can imagine!

Secure Solutions is a professional and reliable provider of residential and commercial security systems, UL approved monitoring, closed circuit video surveillance systems, home automation control systems, home theater and music systems, serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Secure Solutions provides home and business owners with the peace of mind that is achieved in knowing that what matters most – your FAMILY, your home and valuables and your livelihood – are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

You will work directly with the owners of Secure Solutions, they will listen to your concerns and design the most effective security measures tailored to your specific needs.

From alarm systems to closed circuit video monitoring and home automation, Secure Solutions utilizes state of the art technology to create reliable, workable, user-friendly systems.  We can upgrade an existing alarm system with the latest technological advancements.  We can assume monitoring responsibilities if your current provider is unable to serve your needs.  Your family and your business deserve nothing less than 100% satisfaction.  Secure Solutions prides itself in providing excellent, personalized customer service.

Secure Solutions Provides:

When so much is at stake, don’t wait.

Let Secure Solutions design and install security measures that will bring you peace of mind wherever you may be.