Medical and Panic Alarm Systems

Already known for the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” line, the awareness of the value of Medical Alert units is on the rise as the baby boomers age. But these units are no longer cumbersome and now work outside of the home.  If you or your loved one live alone, a medical or panic alarm will give you lessen your worries. With a medical alarm in place, an individual can  stay at home, avoiding assisted living or institutional elderly care.

Easy access to help from anywhere in your home is available by using a personal transmitter you carry at all times. An assistant can speak directly to you through the unit to find out what you need and send the appropriate aid to you.

Most people are familiar with the pendent, but the newer units look like a watch and come equipped with a GPS and cellular communicator. Not only does this work anywhere there is a cellphone signal, but the GPS will allow immediate location of the person needing attention. In addition, it can be used to help locate Alzheimer and dementia patients that may wander off.

You can feel completely confident knowing that the powerful technology of our Medical Monitoring Service will provide you with a fast response 24/7. A highly trained monitoring professional will be there to help any time day or night. In case of emergency, the appropriate fire and police personnel will be dispatched to your location.

When so much is at stake, don’t wait.

Let Secure Solutions design and install security measures that will bring you peace of mind wherever you may be.